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With BRAIN AG you invest in secular growth and sustainable success

Since the foundation of the company in 1993, BRAIN AG has developed from an R&D powerhouse to a truly integrated enterprise, which can offer the full value chain from the lab to production. We stay at the heart of the Bioeconomy creating breakthrough bioproducts and solutions for nutrition, health and the environment. We fully focus on the B2B segment.

Six reasons to invest in BRAIN AG

1. We can address some of the big topics for a better, healthier and more sustainable life

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2. We are at the heart of the bioeconomy and in the driver’s seat to a sustainable production

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3. We operate in defensive end-markets with secular growth

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4. We combine a broad and deep technology portfolio with enzymes, microorganisms and natural compounds

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5. We have a renowned partnership network

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6. We are active in markets with high barriers to entry

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