Press Images

Here you can download a selection of our press images. Please observe the photo credits and copyrights. Should you require other photos, you can contact us by email or phone on +49 (0) 6251/9331-0.

Unless otherwise stated, BRAIN Biotech AG holds the exclusive rights to the images and graphics. We kindly request you to observe the photo credits if you use them in publications.

The photographic and graphic material may be used freely for reporting purposes, provided the source is stated, in reports that are related to BRAIN Biotech AG. If you make use of our materials, we kindly request you to inform us or send us a sample copy.



Use of the BRAIN logo in external journalistic texts
„BRAIN“ is registered as a trademark of BRAIN Biotech AG. The use of the BRAIN logo by third parties is not permitted without expressed approval. We permit the use for journalistic purposes as follows: Publishers of press publications may display the BRAIN-logo in connection with news concerning our company. The logo file is suitable for use on a white background. For any other use please contact us. When used, a minimum distance from the edge and other elements of about the height of the logo up and down and half the width of the logo right and left should be maintained.
Please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance:, +49 (0)6251-9331-0

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