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BRAIN Biotech at a Glance

BRAIN Biotech AG is one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of industrial biotechnology. Since the company was founded, it has developed from an “R&D powerhouse” into an integrated company covering the entire value chain – from laboratory through to production. BRAIN Biotech AG is the mother company of the BRAIN Biotech Group.

Headquarter: Zwingenberg, Germany
Founding year: 1993
Employees: 310 (Status: September, 2023)
Employee skills: Biology, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, chemical analytics, bioinformatics, bioprocess engineering and more
Markets: BRAIN Biotech´s solutions and products are successfully applied in the feed, food, health and chemical industries as well as for environmental topics.
Resources from nature: The BRAIN Biotech Bioarchive offers access to an immense variety of new biological solutions for sustainable industrial processes and ingredients: microorganisms, natural compounds, fractions obtained from edible plant material, metagenome and enzyme libraries, complete metabolic pathways including previously unculturable organisms.
Solutions, services and products: ENZYME TECHNOLOGY: Discovery, analysis, optimization, sampling, formulation and production in an industrial scale in a variety of hosts.
MICROORGANISMS: Identification and strain development (non-GMO and GMO); supply of functional biomass to optimize industrial production processes.
BIOACTIVES & PERFORMANCE BIOLOGICALS: Discovery (high-throughput isolation; extraction and purification of natural products from variable biological resources); structure elucidation and characterization; activity- and sequence-based screenings including biochemical and human cell-based assays; production in an industrial scale.
BIOPROCESS DEVELOPMENT: Development, optimization, scale-up and transfer of microbial production processes up to 10000L.
Business Segements Bioproducts: product business with specialty enzymes and other proteins.
BioScience: research-intensive custom solutions based on enzyme technology, strain development, bioprocess development and natural product screening.
BioIncubator: own R&D projects or those initiated with partners with high value-added potential.

People at BRAIN Biotech ...

... support bioeconomy

With our innovative bio-based products and solutions for nutrition, health and the environment, we support the development of business and the economy towards a greater level of bioeconomic activity.

... focus on industrial biotechnology

We support our customers from the industry on their path to sustainable processes and products. Accordingly our focus is on industrial (“white”) biotechnology.

... offer R&D services and speciality business

BRAIN Biotech´s BioScience segment is characterized by research projects lasting one or more years with some of the world’s most renowned companies. The BioIndustrial segment focuses on the specialty business in the production and refinement of enzymes, microorganisms and bioactive natural substances, as well as on related trading.

... adress issues for better and healthier lifes

Our own research and our partner programs address some of the most important issues to make people’s lifes better and healthier.

...develop products that are aimed to less cyclical end-markets

Our products are generally aimed at less cyclical end-markets. Furthermore, natural-based products exhibit above-average market growth in line with rising consumer demand.

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