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BRAIN Biotech is a key player in the bio-based economy

BRAIN Biotech AG ranks among the technologically leading companies in Europe in the bioeconomy area, and operates in industrial biotechnology with its key technologies.

BRAIN Biotech identifies previously untapped high-performing enzymes, microbial producer organisms and natural compounds derived from complex biological systems to transform them into industrially usable applications.

Innovative solutions and products developed from this Toolbox of Nature are successfully deployed in the chemicals sector, as well as in the cosmetics and food manufacturing industries.

As part of its growth-oriented industrialization strategy, BRAIN Biotech AG (ISIN DE0005203947 / WKN 520394) has been the first bioeconomy company to be listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since February 2016.

BRAIN Biotech AG – Elevator Pitch 2023

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Good reasons to invest in BRAIN Biotech AG

Investment in sustainable growth

1. By investing in BRAIN Biotech AG, you are investing in sustainable growth in the dawning age of biology

Since the company was founded in 1993, BRAIN Biotech AG has developed from a sought-after specialist in biotechnological research and development into an integrated company that covers the entire value chain from laboratory through to production. With our disruptive bio-based products and solutions with a focus on nutrition, health, and the environment, we support the development of the economy towards a bioeconomy. We focus entirely on customers in the B2B segment.

We address some of the megatopics

2. With our solutions, we address some of the megatopics for a better, healthier, and more sustainable life

Our own R&D as well as the research programs we conduct together with our partners aim to develop solutions that lead to a better, healthier, and more sustainable life. Non-disclosure agreements prevent us from presenting all R&D programs publicly, but some highlights include:

  • Natural-based sweeteners: The identification and development of new natural-based sweeteners and sweetness enhancers.
  • Gold recycling from waste streams: Computer scrap, slag, and other waste of mineral origin: Biological extraction processes replace conventional chemical processes.
  • Battery recycling: Biological processes for recycling precious metals and lithium, together with our industrial partners.
  • Enzymatic cleansing of chronic wounds (Aurase): Painful and risky methods can be avoided; SolasCure spin-out in 2018 to implement the pharmaceutical approval process.
  • · Nature-based substances: For tastier and healthier non-alcoholic drinks on a natural basis.
  • Circular economy in which waste is turned into raw materials: Carbon dioxide as a raw material for chemicals.
  • Identify plant-based antimicrobial candidates for food preservation: Can also be used for other industrial applications.
  • Active ingredient for the treatment of hereditary angioedema (rare hereditary disease): PHA121 in clinical development by our cooperation partner Pharvaris.
Products for diverse industrial applications

Contribution to more sustainable industrial production

Our innovative solutions (Tailor-made-solutions, TMS) as well as our products business show a low correlation with economic cycles and enable structural growth.

Broad and in-depth technology expertise

4. We have an attractive portfolio of biotechnology solutions and processes

We have a broad and profound technological expertise in enzymes, microorganisms, cell-based testing methods and natural products. Combined with our collection of natural resources, the BRAIN BioArchive, we develop disruptive new biobased products and solutions.

Reliable R&D partner

5. We have embarked on a clear path towards profitable growth

  • We have been on a clear growth track again for the last two years. We aim to double the Group’s revenue in the medium term while at the same time increasing the adjusted EBITDA margin.
  • The BioProducts area is the Group’s primary growth segment. We have already invested heavily in expanding production capacity at our sites in recent years.
  • Our growth strategy is geographically focused on Europe and North America.
  • We offer highly innovative solutions and products for our customers through the close integration of our biotechnological research and production expertise.

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