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Nachhaltigkeit Baum
27 March 2020

The world on the way to more sustainability

Transforming the World – The Sustainable Development Goals, or the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", is a United Nations action plan designed to benefit people and the planet. What role do companies and politicians play in its implementation?

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20 March 2020

From veggie day to vegan lifestyle

There are numerous and varied reasons for maximising the share of plant based foods in a consumer’s diet. Ethics, religion, health, taste and trendiness are some of them. Worries of finite resources, a growing population and climate crisis are adding the call for sustainability to this list.

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13 March 2020

Filmed for TV: BRAIN’s urban mining (bio-) technology

A film team has documented the process of "biomining" at BRAIN: What is the secret of the bio-based technology that allows precious metals such as gold to be extracted from e-waste and other waste streams in an environmentally friendly process? This topic is part of the German TV broadcast "W wie Wissen" under the subtitle "Greed for Gold".

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