Innovative new products with probiotics

Gut health, skin microbiota, animal health — that’s what many people associate with probiotics. In fact, however, probiotic cultures can do much more.

We at BRAIN Biotech e.g. think of probiotics for a targeted optimization of soil composition in agriculture or even of technically innovative ideas in the industrial and household sectors.

Bacteria and microbial consortia actually play a role everywhere, so the possible applications of probiotics are almost unlimited. Would you like to discover the added value and possible applications of probiotics for your products?

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Paints & Coatings

Harmless bacteria in paints and coatings? Self-healing surfaces? No color changes on facades or on wooden surfaces? Biodegradable paints? In fact, bacteria have a versatile repertoire of enzymes and metabolites we could use for many smart solutions. We at BRAIN Biotech can test your applications and jointly develop an innovative and marketable product.

Our idea has already convinced a major player in the industry. We are proud to be one of the winners of the Paint The Future Supplier Program and excited to be a selected partner for AkzoNobel to accelerate this innovation together.

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Textiles & Foam Materials

Probiotics are not only healthy for the gut. In the air, they can eliminate odors, neutralize allergens and deliver healthy nutrients. What if our sports gear no longer smelled unpleasant after a workout? What if we could provide our skin with valuable vitamins or antioxidants overnight while we sleep? Probiotics make your products more hygienic and add value for your customer.

Cleaning Solutions

Imagine you could develop an environmentally friendly cleaning agent with a long-term effect? Probiotic cleaners support deep cleaning of surfaces in home care and are a healthy, safe and green alternative to conventional hard surface cleaners. Let us shape the future of cleaning solutions together.

Vertical Farming

Agriculture is also on the verge of a major revolution. In the megacities of the future, alongside conventional farming, plants such as shrubs and trees will be integrated into the architecture of houses and facades. One challenge is to ensure sufficient soil health, to supply the plants and especially the seeds with nutrients, and to protect them from plant pathogens. Probiotics are a building block on the road to sustainable agriculture.

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