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22 August 2018, Zwingenberg

BRAIN AG announces the creation of SolasCure Ltd. to continue development of Aurase®

  • Successful close of SolasCure’s Series A financing round with participation from BRAIN
  • SolasCure brings expertise in the development and approval of medical devices; Prof. Keith Harding (CBE) acting as Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board
  • BRAIN is providing IP and fully integrating their development programme for biological wound care based on the Aurase® enzyme into SolasCure

BRAIN AG, a German listed industrial biotechnology company, announces its participation in the creation of SolasCure Ltd. based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. SolasCure will be responsible for the development, CE certification and marketing of medical products based on Aurase®, a new enzymatic active ingredient developed by BRAIN for the biological cleaning of chronic wounds.

Investors including BRAIN participated in SolasCure’s successful Series A financing round. BRAIN has licensed IP for the commercialization of future Aurase®-based products and will supply the novel enzymatic ingredient.

SolasCure has been co-founded by Dr Sam Bakri, a serial healthcare entrepreneur who has been appointed as Executive Chairman. Professor Keith Harding (CBE), founder of the Welsh Wound Innovation Centre and expert in wound bed preparation has been appointed Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board.

Commenting on SolasCure’s potential, Co-founder and Executive Chairman Sam Bakri said: “Aurase® is an extraordinary innovation with great potential impact for healthcare. SolasCure is focused on the continued development of Aurase® so we can offer the many patients suffering from chronic wounds a treatment. We have brought together a team experienced in the development of medical devices for wound healing, under the professional guidance of Professor Keith Harding”.

The spin-off of the Aurase® development programme into SolasCure Ltd. is part of BRAIN’s strategy to strengthen its business growth. Following the founding of U.S. based BRAIN LLC. in February 2018, the acquisition of a majority stake of UK based Biocatalysts Ltd. in March 2018 and the announcement of the strategic partnership with the German Evonik subsidiary CyPlus GmbH of June 2018, this is another step to strengthen the industrial business of BRAIN Group.

Frank Goebel, CFO of BRAIN AG and member of the Board of Directors of SolasCure emphasizes: “With BRAIN’s technological know-how, Aurase® development has already made significant progress. In order to accelerate the development and bring together the relevant regulatory and market expertise, we decided to spin off the business into a separate company, supported by additional investors and expertise. The SolasCure team is confident that it will be able to achieve first product launches of Aurase®-containing medical devices as early as 2021, thus accelerating the business development of BRAIN AG.”

Aurase® is protected by an extensive patent estate (WO 2010/099955). The basis of Aurase® is a protein-degrading enzyme developed from natural resources. Researchers at BRAIN identified that the maggot of the green bottle fly (also called “gold-fly”) secretes an enzyme that dissolves necrotic tissue. This protease has been isolated and cloned from medical maggots enabling it to be produced in a GMP biotechnological process under the direction of BRAIN AG. This product will be supplied to SolasCure for further integration into medical devices.

The medical use of Aurase® should lead to faster wound cleaning – promoting better patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. According to Global Industry Analysts Inc., approximately 40.5 million patients worldwide suffered from chronic wounds in 2015, including cases of diabetic foot, pressure sores and other chronic wounds such as Ulcus curis. Physicians expect this number to increase in the coming years due to an increase in type 2 diabetes and an aging patient population. According to a 2017 study by Markets and Markets, the global wound treatment market is estimated at USD 22 billion. The annual growth rate is estimated at 3.7% between 2017 and 2022.

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About SolasCure

SolasCure Limited (Company Nº 10826246) aims to support healthcare professionals with wound care products that significantly improve the health and wellbeing of patients with chronic wounds. Chronic wounds impact over 40 million people worldwide, with care consuming around 10% of health care expenditure in many countries; while spending on advanced wound care products is over £5 billion each year. These figures continue to grow as prevalence of obesity and diabetes increases. SolasCure’s first product, Aurase® is a hydrogel containing a safe, active, highly-specific enzyme, isolated and cloned from medical maggots. The medical use of Aurase® should lead to faster wound cleaning – promoting better patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. Further information is available at


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SolasCure Ltd. wird Medizinprodukte vermarkten, die auf dem neuen von der BRAIN AG entwickelten enzymatischen Wirkstoff Aurase® beruhen.

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