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17 November 2015, Zwingenberg

BRAIN AG Enlarges Management Board

Consistently driving the implementation of its industrialization strategy in the “BioIndustrial” division, BRAIN AG is growing its management team.

Eric Marks holds a university degree in business administration and has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, in particular with regard to the organisation and expansion of sales operations and the acquisition and support of key accounts with Gist-Brocades (NL) or Genencor (U.S.A.). Most recently, from 2006 to 2015, Mr Marks was employed at AB Enzymes based in Darmstadt, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Associated British Food plc. In his role as Global Sales Director and holding the position of “Vice President Global Sales and Business”, he was responsible for the global business organization of the company, which operates in the technical and food enzymes markets. At BRAIN, Mr Marks will head BRAIN’s “BioIndustrial” business as COO and thus be responsible for the expansion of sales in the company’s subsidiaries and the marketing of BRAIN’s proprietary product pipeline. Even today, the “BioIndustrial” division accounts for more than half of the BRAIN group’s total operating performance. “Over the past few years and in line with its industrialization strategy, BRAIN AG has created a comprehensive product pipeline for the enzymes, food, wound care and BioSubstitutes (biological substituents for chemical ingredients) markets as well as in the field of cosmetics and care products. In Mr Marks, we now have been able to find a highly seasoned manager who has the sales experience required to translate this product pipeline into sustainable sales growth, thus further building on our market presence”, says Dr Ludger Müller, chairman of BRAIN AG’s supervisory board. Dr Jürgen Eck, Chairman of BRAIN AG’s board of management, is delighted about the new joiner: “In Eric Marks, I have a tremendously experienced colleague by my side who can lighten my load with regard to sales and who is able to support me in operational and strategic issues. With our team strengthened thus, we will be able to drive our joint mission, the biologization of industries, even more vigorously and help the economy become more sustainable.“ “I have known Dr Jürgen Eck for many years, and I have come to appreciate his expertise very much. In many cooperation projects between Genencor or AB Enzymes and BRAIN, I was able to see how successfully BRAIN has developed over the past few years. Therefore I am delighted to now be a part of this unique company“, underscores Eric Marks, new COO at BRAIN AG. Only in July of this year, BRAIN AG had made known that it was expanding its management team in view of the company’s growing operational units. Naming Eric Marks as the second chairman of the board augments this structure by an important capacity. As CEO, Dr Jürgen Eck now will be able to attend more closely to matters of strategy which concern the whole group. Since BRAIN currently is mostly financed by private equity, this also includes permanently being on the lookout for alternative possibilities regarding sound ways of financing growth in the future, e.g. through the capital market.

Seit 01.11.2015 ist Eric Marks Teil des zweiköpfigen Vorstands der BRAIN. Er nimmt dort die Funktion des Chief Operating Officers wahr.
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Seit dem 01.11.2015 ist Eric Marks Teil des zweiköpfigen Vorstands der BRAIN. Er nimmt dort die Funktion des Chief Operating Officers (COO) wahr.

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