Nutrition & Health

Healthier food and natural product preservation

BRAIN’s Nutrition & Health unit allies natural resources with an ingenious portfolio and the determination to deliver value. We develop and offer enzymes, natural ingredients and high-performance microorganisms.

We help customers worldwide to

  • make food healthier by reducing sugar or salt while retaining sweetness or savor
  • make food tastier more efficiently by creating and enhancing natural flavors or masking off-tastes
  • maintain gut health by providing functional probiotics, avoiding antibiotics
  • reduce the perishability of foodstuffs thanks to the use of natural bioactive antimicrobials

We provide cost-effective innovations from hit identification to production, scale-up and supply.

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BRAIN innovations

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Calorie-free natural-based sweeteners

The scope of the DOLCE program is to build a complete partnership for the discovery, development, and production of natural-based sweet solutions – new natural-based sweeteners and sweetness enhancers.

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Bio-based freshness and product stability

Edible plants provide bioactive compounds that combat harmful organisms. BRAIN’s FRESCO program identifies the best anti-microbial candidates.

More about FRESCO
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Healthy food without an off-taste

Based on unique cell-based assay systems, within its SALT-E program BRAIN focusses on the reduction of salt in foods.

More about SALT-E

Natural compounds to trigger taste and skin sensations

In the TRiP2Application programs, BRAIN offers unique cell-based assay systems for the identification of novel ingredients for food & cosmetics. In addition, cell models developed by BRAIN enable the development of biological deodorants and aluminum-free antiperspirants.

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